What is needed to run a hub model?


Currently writing a plugin for a pluggable device, I am able to run a Resnet50 with my plugin and I can trace the execution of each operation in my plugin.
However, when loading a Resnet50 based model from the hub and running it, I don’t see anything being executed in my plugin.
Based on this answer, running a tensorflow hub model should be similar to running a local SavedModel, which actually works for my plugin without any extra work.

So my questions is: what do I need to implement in order for my plugin to work with hub models?

And if there are resources available on the subject (hub models, key differences with SavedModel, hub models for plugin developpers), I would be very grateful to anyone sharing them.

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Sorry but I am not sure to understand you, what do you mean?

I conflicted with a general kind of issue last time.