What is the point of executions_per_trial?

I’m tuning a model with keras_tuner using the code below, an after searching the documentation and every forum post I can find, there’s no clear answer to this question.

tuner = RandomSearch(
          hypermodel =  build_model,
          max_trials = 5,
          executions_per_trial = 5,
          hyperparameters = hp,
          tune_new_entries = T,
          objective = 'mse',
          directory = 'C:/Users/Humphrey/Desktop/NN_models/',
          project_name = project_name, 
          overwrite = TRUE

tuner %>% fit_tuner(x = x, y = y, 
                    epochs = 1000, 
                    validation_data = list(x_val, y_val))

The documentation says that executions_per_trial is the number of models that should be built and fit for each trial for robustness purposes. So why is it building several models? I thought there was one model for each combination of hyper parameters and the tuner was working out which is one has the lowest mse, after being trained for a certain number of epochs?

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