What MOOC would you like to see next?

We’ve done 12 courses on TensorFlow at Coursera for TensorFlow:In Practice; TensorFlow: Data and Deployment; and TensorFlow: Advanced Techniques.

We have an upcoming specialization on MLE covering TFX etc

We also influenced their NLP and Medical AI specializations.

What would you want to see next?


Reponsible AI Practices with TensorFlow.


I am interested in Responsible AI and TFX after I complete my MLOps (AndrewNG).


How about a project-based specialization that goes from beginning to end and ties the concepts from previous specializations together? You could go in-depth on the decisions that you make as a developer and suggest tools that students can use while demonstrating the way that Google handles an ML project. At the end of the specialization, the students would have an example of a functional, deployable application that they know how to maintain.


@Jeff_Corpac @Laurence_Moroney - This is an excellent idea ! I completed the Deep Learning Specialization on Coursera and on my way to complete the TensorFlow in Practice specialization. I plan to take the MLOps specialization next. While these specializations are good and have hands on examples, those examples are no where realtime and even if they are the knowledge is scattered in various places across specializations.
It will be a great idea to have a few real time case studies bundled in to a specialization where the problem framing and design approaches at various stages are discussed and brainstormed and corresponding implementation is shown. Extending the same example to include the MLOps lifecycle steps like labeling, experiment management, deployment, monitoring would also be a great idea.