Where do I find a tensorflow_gnn working example?

I know tensorflow_gnn is still in alpha but I’m interested to start with this. Can anybody give me a working example? I’m new to TensorFlow and currently, I’m using torch-geometric for GNNs.

What I think is that we are still tracking updates at:

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In the mean time you could try to take a look also at:


Spektral offers a nice collection of examples. Feel free to have a look here:

Tagging @yarri-oss in case he knows of more examples.

@Shahzad_Akram thank you for posting & your interest in the TF GNN library. We are getting closer to having an update for documentation, examples (notebooks) and hopefully some community contributed components to help with a benchmark implementation. For now, can you please follow this issue on GH or feel free to open another issue specific to requests for examples. The TF GNN team would like to better understand your expectations. Thanks!