Will TensroflowLite v2.16 be available for Android and iOS?

The current latest official packages are v2.15 for Android on Maven Central, and v2.14 for iOS (TensorflowLiteC) on CocoaPods. Is there a plan to publish v2.16?

I see that there has been an update for Android. The latest version is 2.16.1. That’s great!

Any idea if we can expect an ObjC update on CocoaPods?

Hi @being Welcome to the Tensorflow forum ,

  • TensorFlow for Android has been updated to v2.16.1 on Maven Central, indicating active development.
  • TensorFlow Lite for iOS (TensorFlowLiteC) on CocoaPods is currently at v2.14.

You can Refer TensorFlow blog or official channels for announcements regarding iOS updates.

Thank You !