Windows native vs. WSL vs. Docker in terms of training speed

Can someone provide an estimate on the training speed hits from using WSL and Docker? I am doing Computer Vision related work. Feeding images to GPU is a key for speedy training execution. I understand that TF does not support on Windows past 2.10. So I am figuring out how I should re-arrange my setup. Thanks.

Getting used to it is also a great thing.

Using WSL and Docker can introduce a minor performance overhead when compared to native Linux environments, especially for GPU-accelerated tasks like computer vision. The impact might be noticeable but generally manageable, particularly if utilizing GPU acceleration. While TensorFlow’s support for Windows has evolved, for maximum training speed and GPU utilization, a native Linux setup or cloud-based solutions could be worth considering. Remember to benchmark your tasks to gauge the specific impact on your workloads. If you are looking for software then visit download DouWan with no watermark.